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Company Profile

The Every Event Company was formed in the year 2000 to deliver quality and professional events on behalf of Australian organisations. Since then we have become the leading event management company in the nation relied on by business, government and community organisations to efficiently manage their presentations, demonstrations and celebrations. We work closely with our clients and employ the best people while utilising superior technology to setup, coordinate, install, construct and customise visual and venue expectations.

Planning, coordinating and constructing for entertainment and special events. From venue hire to setup of infrastructure for computers, audio and visual equipment, and special effects.

Contact us to plan and coordinate special events, exhibitions and corporate functions. Simply submit a draft idea and we can determine venues and options to meet various needs and requirements.

every event logoVision

To be the leading event management organisation in Australia and the first contacted by business, government and the community when they are planning an event.


We will achieve our vision through innovation, being an employer of choice, having a philosophy of sustainability and focusing strongly on the needs of our client.


  • Maintain the highest standards
  • Value and reward open, honest, two-way communication
  • Be accountable for our conduct and our decisions
  • Only make promises we can keep
  • Do the things we say we’ll do
  • If things change, let people know

Customer Satisfaction

  • Consider the customer in all we do
  • Exceed the expectations of internal and external customers
  • Do what’s right for the customer
  • Talk and act with the customer in mind
  • Build long-term customer relationships
  • Treat customers with care


  • Every team member contributes to our success
  • Lead by example
  • Consider community when making decisions
  • Care about each other


  • Respect differences among team members and customers
  • Behave in a way that supports our values
  • Take advantage of different perspectives
  • Support diversity in the community


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Public Events


Corporate Gatherings